Tips for Hiring Developers for Windows Phone 7 Application Development

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Windows Phone 7 is a harbinger of change. It symbolizes a change of stance by Microsoft. While the early mobile phones (known as Windows Mobile) that were based on Windows Operating system were more like handheld computers, this new phone is more smartphone than a mini-computer that can make calls. Windows fans have been waiting for this phone since a long time. Needless to say, Windows Phone 7 application development is bound to be a big thing.
Although the market has been dominated by iPhone and android, the very fact that Microsoft has worked hard to create a phone that fits the category of popular smartphones shows that company is eager to make a dent in the smart mobile market. Microsoft has a history of entering established markets and making its place through sheer determination and persistence.
Windows Phone application development has tremendous potential, and businesses that create apps for this platform right now will have a definite head-start over competitors. If you are planning to develop applications for Windows Phone 7, you will need to hire Windows Phone 7 app developers who know their stuff. The following tips will help you hire the right people for your project.
Experience & Expertise with Microsoft Technologies
Windows Phone 7 application development is a relatively recent field of mobile development. A company that has been offering solutions based on different Microsoft technologies will be in a better position that others to harness the power of the latest Windows Phone technologies to build powerful and effective apps. If you go for a company that possesses Microsoft Gold development Partner status, you can be assured of technical expertise.
Experience with Mobile App Development
Expertise with different Microsoft technologies is a good thing, but it is not enough. A strong mobile application background is also a must. A company that has been offering mobile application development services since a few years will have designers, visual artists and business analysts. Such people would know how to create an attractive app, submit it on the app store and how to market it. So, it is always better to approach a company that has been a part of mobile app development since a long time.
Ability to Create app for Specific Industry Verticals
Hiring Windows Phone 7 app developers from a company that is involved in Microsoft development as well as mobile application development is a good idea. Even better is hiring them from a company that has been working on applications for different industry verticals. Such a company will already have a basic understanding of how your industry works. This will help the developers to create better apps in lesser time.
Offshore Rates with Quality Services
Once you have made a list of the best companies for your needs, you will need to compare costs. Microsoft development has always been a big hit in offshore locations. So, it should not e too difficult to find a reputed Windows Phone 7 application development company in countries like India, China, Philippines or Indonesia. Finding such a company may take a bit of doing, but it’s totally worth it.

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