Making Money On A Smartphone


Smartphones have opened doors for people that are interested in making a living for themselves. As the computer industry started to rise, so did the amount of people trying to make a living on their home computers. The same thing is expected to happen with the smartphone. Smartphones have many of the same features as a computer, and they allow users to connect to the internet and purchase products with ease. Marketing with smartphones, and to other peoples smartphones is a technique that is starting to be utilized by affiliate networks. They are quickly realizing that more and more people are using their phones to browse the internet and purchase products, so now they are creating websites and merchant pages that are fully phone friendly.

Using Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is definitely one of the most popular ways of making money on the internet. As the industry is currently very saturated, and due to the strict rules of Google more and more people are trying and failing. Affiliates are always looking for new methods to marketing products; and due to the advancements of the smartphone they now have a whole new money making scheme that is generally untapped.

In the same way that an affiliate can collect and email list, a mobile phone internet marketer can collect numbers. They can then send out text messages to these numbers containing a link. If the person receiving the text message has a smartphone they will be able to click on the link and it will take them straight to the merchant page. If they decide to buy the given product then the affiliate will make a sale. It’s that simple.
The main benefit that marketing to mobile phones provide is that the potential customer will receive the text instantly and won’t have to go trolling through their email accounts in order to read a message. As 90{91fc0735aef411d4c11eba9823275626d41d902204c271112780acd84d99b7ec} of people that own mobiles always keep them at hand this drastically increases the chances of the potential customer simply reading the message. Which will result in more sales.

Using Your Smartphone

As smartphones become more and more advanced there are more opportunities to convert the skills that can be learnt from internet marketing on your phone. Smartphones have; word processing features, meaning that article marketing is an option; they have internet access, meaning you can promote products online; and Google has a mobile friendly version of AdWords, meaning that you can run PPC campaigns. All the ingredients are there to make a fully fledged smartphone based business, you just need to learn how to utilize the affiliate marketing techniques effectively.