Windows Application Error – Steps to Fix Windows Application Error

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Are you facing Windows application error when launching a program? If so, then you have to resolve this issue because negligence may lead to serious infection. In this article there are steps to fix Windows application error.
In some cases there are simple glitches and by restarting your machine, you may get rid of error. There is nothing to worry about it.
But if error repeats after you restart your computer then you have to perform a virus scan on your computer. Mostly there are viruses in computer creating problems for applications to run smoothly..
And after virus scan if you are still facing Windows application error then you need to find out which program is causing problem. Uninstall that program using steps given below.
1. Click on Start button on the desktop.
2. Go to Settings.
3. Select Control Panel.
4. Move to Add or Remove programs.
5. In the list of programs you have to find out the infected program and then Remove it.
6. Reinstall the program.
Update your Sound card driver.
If you have performed above steps but still there is error then you have to copy the exact phrase and past into search engine. This way you can find more information regarding the problem. One of most important problem about which computer users are not aware of is Windows registry. Registry may be the root cause of the problem. So, you have to run a registry clean-up program on your computer. If there is corrupted registry then your system may crash. Before resolving Windows application error using a registry, you should find out the best registry cleaner and PC optimizer software.

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