What are the drawbacks and advantages of opting for Spectrum?

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Spectrum is part of Charter Communications. It came into being in 2014 once Charter Communications acquired Bright House network and Time Warner Cable. Spectrum is responsible for providing TV, Internet, and phone services to customers in the nation of the United States. Currently, Spectrum is active in over 41 states in the US and has over 28 million customers. However, do not be fooled by the statistics of Spectrum. Not everyone is happy with the services. Spectrum has its own drawbacks and advantages, like every other Internet and TV service provider.

The disadvantages of opting for Spectrum

The customer service does not make for happy customers

The spectrum servicio al cliente en español satisfaction rating of Spectrum has been very shaky. In the east, north-central and southern regions, Spectrum came in last in the overall customer satisfaction. However, in West, Spectrum has had better luck and received a 3/5 customer rating. Even from consumer report’s leaders, Spectrum has received a lower consumer satisfaction rating. The quality of the customer service you will receive from Spectrum depends on your location. If you live in the West region, you may have better luck than living in the East or southern areas.

Fees and costs quickly add up.

This is a massive problem with Spectrum. Even though there is no obligation of any contract, Spectrum has a long list of fees and prices that the customer has to pay. The list of costs the customer has to pay is available on the Spectrum website and is pretty long. You will have to pay $7.50 per month to avail of the HD box and an extra five dollars per month if you want the DVR services. For every bundle you choose, you will have to pay a $12 monthly broadcast fee. Another five dollars will have to be paid if you use the router for the Internet. If you have two TVs and choose to subscribe to cable, you will have to pay $40 extra per month. The professional installation services Spectrum costs $50 unless you decide to do it yourself, in which case it will cost you $5.

Poor quality equipment

Unfortunately, Spectrum’s DVR service leaves much to be desired. When customers go to the site to check for the information on the DVR, they come back empty-handed. The website of Spectrum makes no mention of the DVR box, forcing customers to wonder why Spectrum is unwilling to promote the DVR the way its competitors are. If you want to go with a DVR that has advanced recording abilities or the average intricate apps, you should look at CenturyLink or any other cable TV service provider.

Advantages of opting for Spectrum

As has been mentioned before, every Internet and TV service provider has its pitfalls and good parts. Here are the good parts of Spectrum

  • If you opt for Spectrum Internet services, you will not have to worry about the data. This is especially crucial if you are engaged in work from home or online gaming tasks.
  • There are no contract obligations. Spectrum does not have contracts, so customers do not have to worry about availing higher prices on the regular deals.
  • The bundle option of Spectrum allows customers to compile different services of Spectrum and still pay a meager amount per month.
  • The autopay feature can allow you quickly pay your bill without worrying about deadlines.
  • The buyout option is unique to Spectrum.

Highlights of opting for Spectrum

As part of opting for Spectrum is that there are no commitments to sign and a 30-day moneyback option. The moneyback option provides a lot of confidence to the customer to opt for the services Spectrum. The lack of commitment is perfect for people who are nomads or planning to move soon or just do not like to get tied up in contracts. If you wish to cancel your services within 30 days after signing up for Spectrum, you will get your money back.

Another huge benefit in the case of Spectrum is that if you are already in a contract with some other Internet and TV service provider, Spectrum will help you get out of it by covering your termination fee up to $500. This is the contract buyout option. However, you can only avail of the contract buyout option if you opt for the double-play or the triple-play package of Spectrum.

Bundling benefits

If you decide to go for the Spectrum triple play offer, it is jampacked with promotional benefits. Bundling gives you much better control over your Internet TV and phone services. Furthermore, Spectrum does not impose any data caps on the Internet service and provides a free modem. The Internet speed of Spectrum also started out pretty fast compared with its competitors at 30 Mbps

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