Using Aerial Images for your Company

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Currently, everyone wants to have a drone at their wedding, birthday, and all the milestones in their life! But what a lot of people tend to forget is that the drone can be a real marketing ally for businesses. It achieves breathtaking images and videos that customers are unlikely to ignore.

The Main Advantages of Drones

You can have high and low altitude aerial images made by drones. It all depends on what you need as aerial footage. A drone is non-polluting, silent, affordable, easy and quick to set up. It only takes a few minutes to take off. It has multiple possible elevation points over a few hours depending on the distance. It offers stability and great fluidity of the images shot. It allows proximity to the subject to be filmed or photographed with an evolution speed of approximately 50 km / h.

A drone has a great latitude of evolution around the subject due to its maneuverability and reactivity. Thanks to GPS, the return is very precise from the same point of view, at different time intervals. The autonomy per flight is 15 to 25 minutes depending on the drone and the weather (multiple successive take-offs after changing the batteries) It is possible to perform a very stable and long-lasting hovering flight.

Strong Demand for Aerial Images by Drones in many Industries

When we talk about drone filmmaking, we think at first of the audiovisual sector. Indeed, drone shots have made it possible to make more precise, more stable and more impressive shots in the cinema. They are not only used for filming aerial footage, but also for close-ups in motion. Indeed, on this exercise, the drone is much more stable than a Stedicam. We also use drones for the production of television shows, to film sports competitions (team sports matches, races, etc.) or for the production of business films.

In fact, the demand for drone footage is much more varied. They are also used in agriculture for monitoring crops and demarcating plots. In construction, the drone is very useful for monitoring construction sites and verifying the conformity of structures. Large companies in the transport and energy fields have developed in-house services that employ drone pilots to check infrastructure. The drone is also a solution for companies wishing to ensure the security of their sites and buildings. As for the field of logistics, it will be about automated flights when the legislation will be updated, if necessary.

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