Technology Trend – UAVs Are Getting Deadlier Each Day!


The future of warfare is shaping up and that is good news for peace and security in the world, well not for everyone. For instance, the terrorists are not going to like these latest developments much. Stealthy UAVs that can shoot their targets, at night, in the dark, through cloud cover, seeing inside of buildings from 60,000 ft in altitude. Scary stuff, and those terrorists that do not seek immediate retirement are not long for this world!
According to a Forbes Article; “New Ways to Kill Terrorists,” by Jonathan Fahey in Forbes Magazine our military’s UAV’s are getting deadlier each day; “AeroVironment is now trying to add some teeth to its drone-powered growth. It is developing a small, backpack-size plane called Switchblade that will carry a small but lethal explosive. After a recent test one military observer said of potential targets: “They can run, but that just means they are going to die tired.”
But, opponents of mechanized death from the sky state that ethics issues for UAVs are very important in future warfare. One graduate student at GA Tech has developed an artificial intelligent decision matrix program to help prevent collateral damage and allow the unmanned military units to make life and death decisions in the battlespace; “because death is permanent.”
All these are current topics as the game changes, and these technologies continue to innovate, each generation better than the last by a significant factor. In the near future we are not going to be able to recognize the reality of the conflicts of the future. Please consider all this.