Removing Duplicate Files in Windows 7 – How to Remove Duplicate Files on Your Computer?

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Searching for the best way to remove duplicate files in your Windows 7? Many people will suggest you use a program. But if you only have few identical files in your computer, you don’t need a program at all. There is a very easy way to remove them.
This is a little trick that I figure out lately. It is very easy. To find and remove the duplicates on your computer, you only need to follow the steps below:
Step 1. Open your “My Computer”.
Go to your desktop and double click “My Computer”.
Step 2. Type the file name into the Search box.
In the search box of opening window, type the file name that you suspect that are duplicated. And press “Enter” this will automatically search for the files of the name in your whole hard drive.
If you only want to search a disk or folder, you can open the disk or folder and then start the search. This will only scan the location not your whole computer.
Step 3. View by Details.
After the search finished, you will see a list of files that contain the characters that you have typed. Right click the blank area, select “View” and then “Details”. You will see the information of the files including file names, modified date, created date, file size, file type and so on.
Step 4. Sort by Type.
Right click the black area, select “Sort” and then sort the files by “Type”, you can easily compare the files now. Select the files and remove them. It just takes you seconds to search for and remove duplicates by this way.
Although it is a much easier way than browsing folders one by one to find duplicate files, it still have many disadvantages.
It depends on the file name that you enter. You need to figure out the similar file names first. If the identical files don’t have similar names but have identical content, you cannot find them by this method. That is an obvious disadvantage of the method. It can only search for duplicate files for similar file names.
Furthermore, it can take you a whole day to remove all the duplicates this way if you have many files on your computer. You have to repeat the process of entering file name and removing. That will waste you a lot of time.
The Easy Way
If you have only few duplicates to remove, you can use the way I talk about in this article. But if you have many files to deal with, the best way is to use a program. It takes you only minutes to find and remove them in your whole hard drive.

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