Learn How to Use Linux?

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Linux is an operating system that is created by Linus Torvalds. It all began with his interest in a small UNIX system called Minix. In course of time, Linux came to become a fully functioning operating system and in 1994, version 1.0 of Linux kernel was released. The heart of the Linux system is the Kernel. The kernel is that part of the system that servers as the communication link between the machine’s hardware and software. Since the time of its initial development, Linux’s kernel has increased in its complexity. Linux is open source software and its source code is available for everyone.
Linux is versatile software that can be deployed as a web server as well as used in individual systems. Linux is robust software and Linux web servers have been running for more than a year, without the need for re-booting. This also ensures cost effectiveness and as a result it is more preferred in web servers than other operating systems.
Before you get down to using the Linux system, it is necessary to look into all Linux commands. You can make folders, folder, create new process, share files, zipping files and carry out a host of activities using Linux commands. You can administer system users using the system administration identity. In addition to administrator tasks, you can perform other tasks and duties using this operating system.
One of the most interesting features of the Linux system software is the Linux Kernel’s support for modules. A module is a code that can be inserted or removed from the kernel, while it is in the running process.
More information is available on how to work with Linux, by checking out the linux community which share information on various aspects of how to use Linux. If you encounter any problems in using Linux, you can troubleshoot through such information and also gain insight on all other better means of using this operating system.

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