How to Pass the Linux+ Certification Exam

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Linux+ certification is the brain child of the Computing Technology Industry Association which is commonly known as CompTIA. The Linux+ certification is termed as a vendor neutral certification exam as it is not one that complies with a particular retailer’s software or hardware. This exam is considered to be the most different type of examination when we talk about the Information technology industry. There are lots of certified programs of IT companies like Novell’s Certified Novell Engineer (CNE) certification, Red Hat’s Certified Engineer Certification (RHCE) etc that are dealing with a particular vendor’s hardware or software.
An individual’s knowledge and skill level on the Linux operating system is tested when one takes the Linux+ certification exam. The certificate holder will be an expert in software configurations, management of Linux-based systems, its servers and security, understanding file permissions and indicating knowledge of user administration. All the aspects pertaining to Linux operating system has to be learnt by the individual if he or she wishes to pass the Linux+ certification program.
There is no doubt that a candidate who has passed the Linux+ certificate exam will be able to master the skills and knowledge of Linux system and will be a 6-12 month expert Linux system administrator. The Linux+ exam has to be completed in the required time that will be made electronically available on the computer. A candidate will get 90 minutes to answer 98 questions. The exam interface is very much user-friendly and only one question at a time will be displayed on the computer screen. Once the exam is completed by the candidate, the computer will start evaluating the individual’s paper and the score sheet will be immediately delivered to the candidate in the form of a print out.
An individual will have to score a minimum of 675 marks out of 900 marks in order to pass the Linux+ certification exam. There score print out will guide the candidate on the answers missed by him or her in case the candidate could not achieve the minimum marks required for guaranteeing a pass. This will be very helpful for candidates willing to retake the examination.
There is a published material available on the set of objectives pertaining to Linux+ certification that is released by CompTIA. The objectives released by CompTIA will give details of what information that 6-12 months experienced Linux system administrator must be aware off and ways to use it to full effect.

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