7 Benefits of Linux Hosting


When we talk about website hosting services, Linux hosting is the most common term heard. Whether you are running a large business or a small personal website, Linux servers provide the speed, flexibility and versatility required to operate the site efficiently online
Have a look at the 7 top benefits of Linux hosting:
1. Linux is free and open-source
Unlike Windows, which comes with a hefty price tag, Linux is free and open-source operating system. Users are allowed to make changes and contribute to the finer development of this Operating System (OS) without any hassle. The source code of Linux is not registered or affiliated with any particular company.
2. Linux is flexible
Due to the nature of Linux, it is a flexible OS, which is specifically designed for running web server applications. As deemed appropriate, Linux developers throughout the world keep on releasing further improvements and updates to make it the best hosting environment for websites.
3. Linux is compatible
Linux is designed for website hosting, which means that you can install and use PHP, MySQL, and Perl scripting codes to make the best out of your website. Linux supports a variety of programming languages as well as the most popular database MySQL.
4. Linux is secure
Nothing beats Linux when it comes to security. It is a highly secure server providing matchless safety of your important data. Unlike Windows, which requires special anti-virus programs, Linux source code is so strong that it does not allow hackers to enter the system.
5. Linux is fast
Alongside other benefits, I personally prefer Linux hosting due to the speed and simplicity. Linux does not run all programs at once, thereby reserving hardware resources. On the other hand, Windows runs several programs at the background, which consumes a big chunk of system’s hardware resources.
6. Linux is simple to operate
Due to the widespread usage of Windows, unfortunately many people confuse Linux to be a complex operating system. The fact is that Linux is simpler and easier to operate that Windows. You can easily customize it according to your own needs. It also comes with pre-installed software, which would otherwise require license to operate on Windows.
7. You can grow your business easily
The biggest obstacle in website hosting is when you want to expand your online business by getting more disk space and bandwidth. Luckily, if you are using Linux hosting services, you can easily grow your business without interrupting your business operations.