Popular and Consumer-liked Merchandise

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There are various types of merchandise to choose from for business promotion activities. The price and use of each merchandise also varies starting from free as gift and premium supplier hk to paid. Usually to get a lower price, companies have to order merchandise in large quantities. But it is possible to make merchandise in small quantities, of course at a slightly more expensive price. The following are some types of merchandise that are popularly used for business promotion and are favored by consumers.


The exclusive impression is immediately seen by consumers when the company provides merchandise in the form of jackets. Usually large companies choose jackets as one of the merchandise. For example, a motorcycle company. Later these jackets are given to consumers when they make purchases of motorcycle units. If you choose jacket merchandise, you can be creative to create a unique jacket design and then add a logo, brand and business tagline. Or it could be a plain jacket which is then added with a logo, brand and on the front or on the back of the jacket.

Tote Bag

A tote bag is a tote bag or bag that can be carried in one hand or placed on one shoulder. For merchandise, usually tote bags are made of canvas fabric or commonly called canvas tote bags, spunbond fabrics, calico fabrics and some use paper materials. Like t-shirts, tote bags are preferred by consumers as merchandise because they can be used in daily activities. As for business people, the wide field of tote bags makes it easy to display business attributes and designs with promotional content. In terms of price, tote bags are cheaper than the production costs of jackets and t-shirts.

Mug or Tumbler

Mugs or tumblers are often chosen as souvenirs for various events ranging from birthdays to weddings. Mugs or tumblers are favorite merchandise because they are durable and can be used every day. If the mug has a fairly limited choice of shapes, on the other hand the tumbler offers a more varied choice of shapes. Tumbler sizes also vary. The wider field of the tumbler than the mug allows you to add more promotional information for a coffee shop merchandise.

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