Matt Davies Stockton Looks at How a 3D Web Viewer Can Help Your Ecommerce Store Stand Out

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According to Matt Davies Stockton, a 3D web viewer allows you to show interactive 3D models of different products on your e-commerce website. It will enable visitors to turn a product and look at it from different angles, similar to how they would do in real life. Let’s figure out how a 3d web viewer can help your e-commerce store stand out.

The Details

1. More customer engagement – To win against the growing competition in the e-commerce space, you need to make your products and your brands stand out in more ways than one. One of those ways is to offer a unique product experience with the help of a 3D web viewer. 3D product modeling makes the customer’s purchase more real and bridges the gap between online and offline experience.

With increased product management and a realistic view of their product, customers are more likely to buy your product. Even if your e-commerce store is just a small extension of your brick-and-mortar store, adding a 3D web viewer prepares you for pandemics like Covid-19. It allows your customers to explore a product like they would do in real life in the comfort of their homes.

2. Boosts marketing ROI – When your product experience improves, it naturally reflects in the marketing results. E-commerce stores that adopt 3D web viewers see an increase in both sales and conversions. For instance, Rebecca Minkoff, a high-end fashion brand experienced a spike in site traffic, customer engagement, and sales when they added a 3D viewer to their website.

Customers could get a better feel of the structure and texture of their designer handbags and clothing and were able to see the other details of their products due to the intricate 3D models. Their data shows that they were able to make customers 44 percent more likely to add a product to the cart and make them 27 percent more likely to go through with the purchase. 

3. Decrease product returns and bounce rates – No one likes to deal with returns. It is frustrating when a customer purchases a product from you only to return the item later on. Surveys suggest that customers return around 20 percent of their online purchases. That’s double the return rate for things bought from physical stores. 3D web viewers can help bring down that return rate. It gives customers a better perspective of the size, materials, and quality of the product.    

3D web viewers can also bring down your bounce rate. The standard bounce rate in the e-commerce industry is around 45 percent simply because the human attention span has been eroded away to mere seconds. With 3D web viewers, you’ll be able to compete more fiercely for that attention and make customers spend more time on your website. 


Matt Davies Stockton suggests that you implement a 3D web viewer into your e-commerce store to increase both customer engagement and your marketing ROI. It would present your customers with more comprehensive visuals so that they know exactly what they are buying.

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