Explosives intercepted with the Nuctech tr1000qc

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Public places must be protected as well as possible. Airports, government buildings and events are a source of danger, especially if the wrong people enter the rooms. That is why there is not only a check on people who enter, but also on the items of clothing and bags that visitors bring. However, the right tools must be used for this, so that the check does not take up too much time and also produces a good end result. The Nuctech tr1000qc is a good example of this. But what technologies can you expect with these devices? Here you can read everything you need to know.

New technologies for the Nuctech tr1000qc

The Nuctech tr1000qc is a small device, which can serve as a detection for explosives. The handheld detector is based on Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS), which has been on the market for many years. However, this detector is equipped with the latest technologies, offering even more efficiency. Thanks to this efficiency, gases and chemicals can be detected, among other things. The radiation coming from these explosives and drugs will immediately set off an alarm, prompting you to take action. This way you know immediately whether someone is carrying certain items that are not allowed to enter the building or event. Many sectors therefore benefit from the system.

The explosives trace detector for precise control

This explosives trace detector is used in various sectors. One of the sectors that will benefit is security. Security must ensure that the safety of other visitors is maintained at both buildings and events. In addition, police and military personnel can carry this device with them to make work safer. Because it is a handheld model, it will take up little space and the device can be picked up as soon as the check starts. The explosives trace detector works extremely accurately, so that false alarms hardly occur and the check is also carried out quickly.

Technologies and many conveniences

You can use a large number of technologies that can be found with the explosives trace detector. It is a lightweight device, which also features a compact design. The non-radioactive ionization source ensures that explosives are detected within a short time and that drugs are also reported. The live self-diagnosis system ensures good maintenance, so you will no longer have problems with maintenance. The devices can be used for at least five hours during the events and other checks, after which you can replace the batteries. You can also easily replace the various filters and other materials, so you don’t lose any time.

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